Mollii Australia
Mollii Australia
Mollii Australia

Revolutionary Assistive Technology

Mollii Australia

Long-Awaited Neurorehabilitation Concept

Mollii Australia
Mollii Australia

About Métier Medical Limited

Métier Medical is an Australian Company with a strong focus on new and innovative medical device technologies.

Whilst Métier Medical develops its own brand of innovative and award winning technologies, we proudly align ourselves with other forward thinking companies to deliver the best in new and groundbreaking technologies..

The opportunity to work with the creators of the Mollii suit is nothing short of a privilege and Métier Medical is proud to bring to Australia this revolutionary neurorehabilitation device with the potential to change lives.

Métier Medical's' Advanced Neurorehabilitation Technologies division now offers Mollii as an assistive electrotherapeutical device for the treatment and rehabilitation of adults and children with neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy, acquired brain damage, spinal injury and stroke.

The aim of Mollii is to alleviate the effects of spasticity and difficulties in controlling voluntary movement, provide the opportunity for active movement and functional improvements, and a chance to live a dignified and active life.

For further information or to arrange an assessment for Mollii, please contact us on:- Tel: 02 4909 8038 or 07 5668 5436 Email:


We have a range of Documents available for end users as well as clinicians.


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