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Mollii Australia

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The Inerventions method is based on stimulating the antagonist to the spastic muscle with a low level electric current. The aim is to trigger reciprocal inhibition, the body’s own reflex, to reduce the tension in the spastic muscle. Reciprocal inhibition means that the body reacts automatically through inhibiting the antagonist to a muscle that is activated. Muscles are normally activated by nerve signals with the origin in the central nervous system, however, Mollii replaces these nerve signals with electrical stimulation from the electrodes.

The Inerventions method...

Antagonist stimulation of individual muscles in patients with spasticity has been shown to lead to increased reciprocal inhibition, and different studies of antagonist stimulation measure improvements on the Zancolli Scale, grip strength, fine motor ability, range of motion, gait and posture etc. (Perez 2003, Wright et al. 2013, Chung et al. 2010, Scheker 2009, Ozer et al. 2006, Al-Abdulwahab 2009).

Antagonist inhibition can be used in combination with other types of treatments and assistive devices. One study shows that a treatment combining antagonist stimulation and orthotics in children with cerebral palsy reduced spasticity by more than the individual treatments did in the same group of patients. (Scheker 2009).

Further information...

One obstacle to earlier research into the effects of antagonist stimulation has been the difficulties involved in stimulating multiple muscles in a way that is repeatable on multiple occasions. Connecting and disconnecting cables, electrodes and control units for such studies would be time consuming and laborious for researchers. Moreover, a larger study would require a number of patients to be treated on repeated occasions. The introduction of Mollii will now make it possible to conduct research into repeated antagonist stimulation in relation to spasticity in a way that is feasible.


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